1. cliobablio:

    First week of Inktobers. Posted daily on Instagram!

  2. schweizercomics:

    October Monster Drawing #8: Frost Zombie!

    Whether they’re just undead corpses that muscle their way out of icebergs or they’re white walkers heading for the wall, these guys are probably pretty cold.

  3. schweizercomics:

    October Monster Drawings #7: Jiang Shi, that Chinese hopping vampire zombie thing!

  4. maudelynn:

    The Haunted Dollhouse~ 

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  6. schweizercomics:

    October Monster Drawing #6: Killer Robot!

  7. classichorrormovies:

    Devil Girl From Mars (1955)

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  8. gabrielhardman:

    KING KONG sketch for New York Comic Con 2014

  9. Hug

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  10. Earth vs the Flying Saucers

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  13. When Hallowe’en opens the party season…

  14. Nancy Carroll

  15. Hitchcock